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Mahogany Chocolate Cho Col'ha Decadent Chocolate Drink 12oz

Mahogany Chocolate Cacao Powder
The Underground Truffle, LLC, Esa Weinreb
The best cocoa powder ever!

Mahogany's cocoa powder is so rich and dreamy! I used in in numerous recipes including vegan chocolate pop-cycles. I heated some oat milk with a little maple syrup and added the Mahogany cocoa powder, let cool then poured into pop-cycle molds. It was delicious, healthy and the kids loved it! I will definitely purchase more. The best news about this product is that it is NOT alkalized, which strips away all of the natural nutrients and health benefits of this amazing superfood! The flavor is rich and not bitter at all!

I highly recommend this chocolate drink

The best chocolate I have ever had

Good experience

I love the chocolate bar

I really recommend them

Very Tasty

The Belizean Fine White Chocolate is fabulous. Very creamy and decadent. I will definitely get more of this favorite comfort food.

Belizean Chocolate Variety Pack
Altagracia Encarnacion
Surprisingly Good

I bought a box chocolates for me and my mother to enjoy for her birthday. Each flavor was really good.. My favorites being the milk and white chocolate ones. Surprisingly, I'm not a huge fan of darker chocolates but these were really good. Can't wait to order another box for myself in a couple weeks for my birthday. :)

You need to try this chocolate!!

This chocolate is so smooth, delicious and of high quality! As a bonus, the packaging is beautiful and it will be perfect for a gift.


I didn't know that chocolate could be this good! Way better than the American chocolate that I used to get. And I like how they treat their farmers with respect!