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Dark Chocolate

Rich taste. Enjoyable eating experience.


Excellent chocolate! I really enjoy their dark chocolate 😋 all of their chocolate is amazing 🤩

Panamanian 44% Milk Chocolate

The Best Chocolate

Great recipe ! and Great Company !
Need I say more !!

10 Bar Pack of Belizean 72% Fine Dark Chocolate

Natural Catuai Coffee
Wesley Eichorn

Excellent test. Well flavored. I historically have used medium roast coffee and this is a superior product.

Good stuff

The coffee in the variety pack are excellent. But the more notable item is the Cascara Tea, which is the outer berry that encased the coffee bean. It is a great way to utilize the entire coffee pod, without wasting anything. This is also a very delicious tasting dried coffee berry; better than any other I've tried before. It has wonderful aromas of fruit and chocolate, with very mild bitter notes that balance the flavor. It's also packed with antioxidants and has just a small amount of caffeine. I would recommend this product.

Home of chocolate

Just home from visiting Belize and purchased 2-10 packs for the holidays. Brought sweetness to my family and friends. Delicious!

Pure chocolate bliss

This is a very chocolate-y chocolate without the bitter overtones of lower quality chocolate with fillers. There are no preservatives, emulsifiers, chemicals or too much sugar to mask the true taste of chocolate. This is a chocolate to savor slowly and enjoy with all your senses.

Great chocolate

Definitely will buy again and support of hard working farmers and chocolatier’s

10 Bar Pack of Brukdown Milk Chocolate

Mom loved it

For her 94th birthday,Mom got some of your fine chocolates. They passed her test with flying colors. Thank you!

Very, very good chocolate!

30 Bar Pack of Belizean 72% Fine Dark Chocolate [MANAGER'S SPECIAL]
Erica Foresman
Quality chocolate

This is by far the best chocolate. I have been trying to find a product that tasted magnificent, as well as one that involved care and love to be made. Your product checks off all if my requirements, and although I have plenty of chocolate, I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you!

10 Bar Pack of Belizean 72% Fine Dark Chocolate

REAL Good Chocolate!!!

Had the pleasure of touring the Punta Gorda, Belize Mahogany Chocolate Factory in February. I gotta taste and I had to get more!!! If your in the Punta Gorda area in southern Belize I highly recommend taking the tour!

30 Bar Pack of Belizean 72% Fine Dark Chocolate [MANAGER'S SPECIAL]
Richard Day
Best chocolate around!!

After a trip to Belize and a tour of the Mahogany Chocolate factory I had to order more for my friends and family. Pure, sugar free!!! The real deal you won’t be disappointed! Also, if you lucky enough to go Punta Gorda, Belize make sure you go check out the Mahogany Chocolate Factory!!! Great chocolate! Thx’s again!!! :)

Estate Blend Coffee
Guy Tomlinson

Grinding the beans 🫘 smells incredible! The brewed coffee ☕️ is very smooth, with no bitter taste. Very satisfying 😋

Excellent with red wine.

You know chocolate!

I made a layered cake with cookies and chocolate, and everybody rave about the chocolate. Thanks for the gift that was enclosed with my purchase. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering again.

10 Bar Pack of 44% Fine Milk Chocolate
JoAnne Kapsa
The Best!

Simple...... magnificent!

10 Bar Pack of Brukdown Milk Chocolate

great taste

best chocolate my wife has had in long time !


My wife brought me a bar from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye during our visit. It was so delightful, I attempted to find another on Amazon, but soon discovered I had to purchase direct. And could not just buy one, but a pack of 10. A pleasant surprise was the two additional products included at no cost. Two different dark chocolate bars were included. Each was sublime as well. I gave the excess bars to friends at work who appreciate fine dark chocolate. All were pleasantly surprised and found the product enjoyable.
Thank you,

Great Coffee

Smooth, flavorful never bitter or burnt, my 1st choice when it comes to coffee!