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Estate Blend Coffee
Guy Tomlinson

Grinding the beans 🫘 smells incredible! The brewed coffee ☕️ is very smooth, with no bitter taste. Very satisfying 😋

Excellent with red wine.

You know chocolate!

I made a layered cake with cookies and chocolate, and everybody rave about the chocolate. Thanks for the gift that was enclosed with my purchase. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering again.

The Best!

Simple...... magnificent!

10 Bar Pack of Brukdown Milk Chocolate

great taste

best chocolate my wife has had in long time !


My wife brought me a bar from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye during our visit. It was so delightful, I attempted to find another on Amazon, but soon discovered I had to purchase direct. And could not just buy one, but a pack of 10. A pleasant surprise was the two additional products included at no cost. Two different dark chocolate bars were included. Each was sublime as well. I gave the excess bars to friends at work who appreciate fine dark chocolate. All were pleasantly surprised and found the product enjoyable.
Thank you,

Great Coffee

Smooth, flavorful never bitter or burnt, my 1st choice when it comes to coffee!

Very Good White Chocolate

Woderful, high quality white chocolate bars. I will definitely order more.

Belizean 80% Fine Dark Chocolate

Belizean 57% Fine Dark Milk Chocolate

Natural Catuai Coffee
Guy Tomlinson

Wow 🤩 Easy to drink with a smooth and flavorful taste! No acidity. I have tried a lot of different types of coffe. This is by far my favorite 😋

Best. Chocolate. Ever.

My favorite dark chocolate on the planet!

Excellent chocolate

I first tasted Mahogany Chocolate in Belize and have been hooked ever since. This discount deal was too good to pass up. Thanks for the wonderful indulgence!!

Flash back memories

This chocolate 🍫 took me back to South America with its original flavors so authentic and real flavors !

Great coffee!

We ordered the variety pack and really enjoy it! We also sent the variety pack to several relatives and did get some great feedback as well!

Great value

The powder makes excellent hot chocolate and the bars are amazing.

Its really good!!!

Great Chocolate

Really great chocolate!

i’ve not yet received

i can’t give you any feedback because my order is apparently lost in the mail and i guess i owe more money again for postage. because getting product is so complicated from you i’ll not order again

Coffee Variety Pack
All Packs FC, Bastiaan Maijen (22203)
Grounded or beans

Received today the coffee, in Venezuela via Miami. When I ordered, I don't recall I could choose between grounded or beans. I got beans but have no grounder. So it will take a while more before I can enjoy.

The beans are whole so the quality of this specialty coffee is not lost before the coffee is consumed. I hope that you were able to acquire a coffee grinder and really enjoy the experience!

Mahogany Chocolate Cho Col'ha Decadent Chocolate Drink 12oz

Mahogany Chocolate Cacao Powder
The Underground Truffle, LLC, Esa Weinreb
The best cocoa powder ever!

Mahogany's cocoa powder is so rich and dreamy! I used in in numerous recipes including vegan chocolate pop-cycles. I heated some oat milk with a little maple syrup and added the Mahogany cocoa powder, let cool then poured into pop-cycle molds. It was delicious, healthy and the kids loved it! I will definitely purchase more. The best news about this product is that it is NOT alkalized, which strips away all of the natural nutrients and health benefits of this amazing superfood! The flavor is rich and not bitter at all!

I highly recommend this chocolate drink

The best chocolate I have ever had

Good experience