We are going to explain the recommended way to taste chocolate. Starting from white chocolate and proceeding to the darkest chocolate. Put a portion of chocolate in your mouth, wait a few seconds and above all do not chew. That allows the chocolate to begin to melt with body heat. Once it starts to melt, inhale deeply through your nose and pay attention to the different scents you smell. It should be noted that in the tastings some notes are suggested that we perceive, but which is very personal. Even if a strange taste comes to mind, do not hesitate to tell it!

White Chocolate

In this chocolate, the component that comes from cocoa is cocoa butter, which has a very subtle flavor. The other ingredients are powdered milk, butter and sugar, creamy notes of fine milk, balanced sweet, caramelized with butter, and hints of vanilla. Pairs well with sparkling whites.

Milk Chocolate

This chocolate begins to have cocoa mass, apart from the same ingredients of white chocolate, but in different quantities. Fruity notes, dried figs, nuts, toffee (caramel bitterness, coffee, unlike the previous).

Dark Milk Chocolate

This is an approach to dark chocolate. The same ingredients as the previous one but the amount of cocoa mass is higher. Bitterness is more present, balanced sweet, hazelnuts, dried fruits, and orange peel.

Dark Chocolate

Extra Dark Chocolate

There is no milk in this type of chocolate. The only ingredients are cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar. Smell of mint, eucalyptus. higher astringency, vanilla, sustained citric acidity, passion fruit, bitter orange, and fresh walnut.

Still Can't Decide?

If you still can't choose, don't worry. You don't have to make a choice. Try our variety pack with a bar of each the chocolates described here.