Brukdown Belize Specialty Chocolate Bar 52% Cocoa - 3 Bar Pack

  • BELIZEAN BARS: Our “Brukdown” is a 50% milk chocolate bar with roasted almonds. Named after the Belizean Dance Music.
  • CREAMY velvety, hints of caramelized sugar and toasted almonds is an all-time favorite that resonates with “a party in your mouth”.
  • PREMIUM CACAO BEANS sourced directly from our growers. The 50% cacao mass base gives you the best of both milk and dark chocolate.
  • “BRUKDOWN”, is inspired by a dance favored and enjoyed by Belizeans! The thrill, the buzz, the excitement, the appreciation, the flavors and the satisfaction created by our 50% milk chocolate is on par with the results of the Brukdown dance!
  • INGREDIENTS 50% Cacao mass, sugar, pure cacao butter, Belize cane sugar. IMPORTED by Pur-Go and Mahogany Chocolate from Punta Gorda Town Toledo District, Belize