Belizean 72% Fine Dark Chocolate

Package: 1 Bar

Our flagship and most popular bar boasts smooth rich tantalizing chocolate that must be experienced to be appreciated.  This bar is made from Belizean cacao that is some of the best cacao in the world.  Unlike typical "American Style" chocolate this treat is refreshing, healthy, fruity rich in flavor and just right with sweetness.  Don't miss this culinary treat.

AURA of intense CARIBBEAN flavors.  This unique experience of intense Fresh Flavors are a testament to the ecological microclimate in which they are grown. As you savor through the complex fruity flavors, be prepared to experience a transition into smooth floral amusement for this Belizean bar truly is packed with rich tropical flavors.

Our “Belizean” dark chocolate is made with 72% cacao from San Jose Village. San Jose is home to 60 of our farmers, the highest number of suppliers from one community. The fertile soil and tropical conditions make this community the highest producer of cacao and more interestingly the rich raspberry flavor notes of our cacao.

Weight: 90g

Customer Reviews

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Parker Zhou
Great Chocolate

Really great chocolate!

Christy yogerst
i’ve not yet received

i can’t give you any feedback because my order is apparently lost in the mail and i guess i owe more money again for postage. because getting product is so complicated from you i’ll not order again